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Juan Nicholas Guacheta

‘Torsos’ aims to communicate an intrigue of the human body devoid of additional context or
dimension – isolated, warped, and rendered in monochromatic, low-resolution. With ‘Torsos ’I
seek to illustrate that aesthetics are fundamentally geared towards the registration of the human
body. The works can be appreciated as nudes, or as suggestive rorschachs of universal beauty.

The method nods to the practice of grisaille, and was partially inspired by the works of Jean-
Auguste-Dominique Ingres and Fernando Botero.

Juan Nicholas Guacheta’ was born, raised, and currently resides in Roanoke, Virginia.
Guacheta’s fascination with black and white photography pivoted into a practice of
monochromatic painting in 2021. Guacheta’ focuses primarily on studies of the human form.

To see the entire gallery collection please contact Amy at 434-616-6376 or visit our flagship location in Boonsboro Shopping Center.

Show runs through the month of March 2023

“Torso 13” 30 x 20 oil on canvas $750

“Torso 15” 40 x 25 oil on canvas $1250
“Torso 14” 40 x 25 Oil on canvas $1250

“Torso 12” 30 x 20 Oil canvas $750