Pamela Winegard

I conduct a visual investigation of the narratives created between the members of a community and the places they inhabit. Buildings, environments, and landscapes resonate with me as metaphors for current social issues and personal anxieties. These lost spaces particularly reference American architectural icons – but I reframed the emotional or aesthetic discussion of them. It is curious and compelling to use the concepts of nostalgia, transience, permanence, roots, connections, and heritage, to illustrate fractured relationships or degrees of separation. Using the resulting contradictory means (color palette, scale, materials, medium) to recreate these spaces or reinforce the gaps between images that speak to me of the complexities of the times we live in today and my own personal journey.

I have come to believe that I am drawn to spaces and the places we have or do inhabit; to groups of people affected by displacement, or lack community attachment; that are forgotten or overlooked because all of these aspects mirror my own experience. I see a certain amount of beauty and sadness in these places but I also see stories that need to be imbued with life. If I keep talking about them, about me, about others in these spaces I create, then they continue to exist. In addition, the making process and the act of drawing create an intimacy that gives me a safe place to be in my daily life. The work anchors me in a world often chaotic.

Pieces by Pamela Winegard

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