Kate Bradley McClure

Kate McClure is Lynchburg, VA-based artist who lives with her husband, Paul, her son, Jack, and her “furbabies” Gryff and Louise. Kate’s work has been featured and collected across the United States. She began her art business as a portrait artist, and continues to work with families to across the country create portraits of their children.

Starting in 2018, Kate expanded her business to include original works of art. Kate takes her love of classical painting and combines it with playful, vibrant color and intricate patterns of brocade, aztec designs, and collage to create her one-of-a-kind pieces. Kate paints in the traditional still life genre, but with a modern approach. Working from her home studio, she’s inspired by the objects around her: ceramic bowls, fruit, table cloths, and plants. Her pieces are finished in an epoxy coat giving her work a distinctly modern feel.

Kate grew up in Memphis, TN. While her parents worked for the local newspaper, Kate took painting lessons at the Memphis College of Art. Her dream was to grow up to become a full-time artist, but when she graduated college she found it difficult to make a living from her art. Kate worked in an office for five years until she decided she’d had enough and set off for Florence to study the work of the old masters (and drink wine.) When she returned to Memphis, she established her studio and began accepting portrait commissions. Her paintings can be found in numerous private collections throughout the country, as well as the permanent collections of Auburn University and the American Cancer Society.

Pieces by Kate Bradley McClure

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