George W. Dawson

Art allows me to explore new ideas and emotional connections. Working in different mediums and with diverse subject matter has been part of that experience. For the past few years, I have become increasingly interested in painting landscapes to explore mood, atmosphere and light. Instruction from Ron Boehmer and John MacDonald has advanced this interest.

I work to use value, color, and composition to create a sense of three-dimensional depth and atmosphere on a flat canvas surface. I seek to find balance in compositions. I am working to be more suggestive and allow room for the viewer’s eye to interpret and “complete” the scene. I often start with a plein air study on site and complete works in my studio.

I paint in both oil and watercolor at my studio at Riverviews Artspace in downtown Lynchburg, VA. For the portfolio on display at Findings, I have selected oil landscapes and cityscapes from Virginia and from the western United States. My hope is that they prompt an emotional response and interest by viewers.

Pieces by George W. Dawson

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