Anne Stewart Morris

Transparency and light draws me into the world of watercolor painting. I no longer see just dark and light values in color but a subtle depth in each pigment. I’m continuously amazed how the paint merges and intertwines with each stroke.

A story can be spoken, written or sung, I enjoy sharing a scenario by painting it. All my paintings tell of an adventure whether it’s from my travels to other countries, driving the back roads around home or being given beautiful flowers by friends and neighbors.

After retiring from teaching school for 35 years I finally had a chance to learn to paint with watercolors. Luckily, I have had two terrific and wonderfully patient instructors in Lynchburg, Virginia, Purnell Pettyjohn and Solly Blank. With their guidance, support and encouragement I began to show my work at the Lynchburg Art Club’s Georgia Morgan’s show and received an Honorable Mention, the Lynchburg Art Festival and received the Katie Hill Vaden Memorial Watercolor Award, third place at the Annual Bath County Art Show. I have also been a guest artist for the Lexington Rockbridge Studio Tour, Nelson Gallery, Peakland Catering Company, The Summit, and the Academy Center of the Arts and their satellite locations in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Pieces by Anne Stewart Morris

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