Amy Gallagher

Amy Gallagher is an abstract artist who specializes in modern tribal inspired portraits. Her work is bold, intimate, and reflective of her perception of the human spirit. Amy uses acrylic, textiles, paper, and other assorted mediums in her creations to build texture and grit. Her objective is to overpower the viewer with a desire to touch and connect.

Amy’s paintings allow for an emotional connection between her imagination, her memories, and her observations of the human shape and spirit. Her work often originates in dream imagery during her sleep – visualizing faces and inspiration. When the expression is then realized in her conscious state, it becomes a very therapeutic and fluid process.

Amy grew up in the Pacific Northwest and attended the Art Institute of Seattle, receiving her degree in Communication Arts with a focus on Graphic Design and Illustration. Amy has worked in several unique design capacities over the last 25 years, pulling inspiration from both her roots and her travels. Today, Amy co-owns a Marketing & PR Firm in Lynchburg, Virginia where she resides.

Pieces by Amy Gallagher

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