Amy Burczyk

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I moved to Virginia about five years ago. I am a painter, an interior designer, a project manager for LGFlint General Contractors, and a mother of three. My shows span the state of Virginia and Wisconsin and have been painting since childhood. My memories are of crayons and paints, and then that of an art teacher who inspired so many “aha moments”, that it awoke a deep appreciation for the imagination and the use of art to heal.

The work I do now is a reaction to the transitions that my life has taken. My artwork is thick with symbolism and imagery that invite strangers to look deep into my life story and dare to relate. It’s a coping mechanism and a social experiment. A lens and a mirror. Whimsy and hope derived from real life strife and upheaval. I use characters like the polar bear to identify with. Polar bears are cute, but fierce; strong, but on the verge of extinction.

“We all walk that line,” we want to know that we will be here forever, but every one of us at some point is that polar bear.”

Pieces by Amy Burczyk

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