Husband and wife, Amy and Jimmy Davis, opened this unique art store in March of 2021.  Being herself an artist, Amy felt the Lynchburg community needed a location where artists would have the opportunity to show and sell their original works of art on a regular basis.  Jimmy, having always been an avid supporter of the creative arts agreed and Findings was established. 

Situated in an ideal location in the heart of Boonsboro and presented as a gallery/retail store, Findings provides over 30 artist the opportunity of their own art wall to display and sell their works for months on end.  In addition to these dedicated artists’ walls, Findings’ beautiful Atrium Gallery allows the community to be introduced to featured, month-long shows exhibiting select artists not only from the immediate area but beyond.

Findings is not a co-op. Amy herself operates the gallery on a daily basis as well as maintaining her own wall space with her original art. 

If you haven’t already visited Findings you are cordially invited to come “find” that one-of-a-kind piece of art that you will treasure for a lifetime.